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E.X. Martin, III
Attorney at law
8828 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75243
(214) 343-7400

E.X. Martin Resume

A word from the Association President

I am a practicing criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas. Approximately thirty years ago I became actively involved with both the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys [N.A.C.D.L.]. And the Texas Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. I have served as chairman of both the N.A.C.D.L. ‘s Technology Committee and Briefbank Committee. Through contacts I made with the N.A.C.D.L. I have been invited to speak at legal seminars in over thirty states. My topic current presentation topics include Defending Computer Crimes and iPad & iPhone For The Defense.

I have benefitted both professionally and socially from my involvement with the N.A.C.D.L., T.C.D.L.A, and other criminal defense lawyer associations. My clients and other individuals have also benefitted as a result of my association with these national and state organizations because through the years I developed an nation wide informal network of friends who were also very competent attorneys. This has enabled me to refer people with legal problems in other cities and states to qualified attorneys who either can help them or who know someone with the particular skills to effectively represent them.

I started the Cyberspace Bar Association in 1995 to use the power of the internet to help criminal defense attorneys learn about and use technology in representing their clients. It is my hope that this organization can serve as a vehicle to achieve the following:

1. Provide a forum for the distribution of quality criminal defense law related articles, briefs, motions, and other documents that are helpful and informative to attorneys and their clients;

2. Provide the instant distribution by e-mail of important developments in both federal and state case law; and

3. Sponsor and promote C.L.E. seminars that help practicing attorneys use state of the art technology to increase their productivity and help them render effective assistance of counsel to their clients.

I welcome your suggestions and contributions to the Cyberspace Bar Association. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions. I sincerely welcome your contributions to this web page.